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IT'S HERE!  FutureScope Comics has re-released their new, anthology hit, “Futurescope Showcase: Celestine: Protector of the Far Realms: And other Stories“, available for pick-up right now. Just to give you an idea of the book, here is some basic information; “Futurescope Showcase: Celestine: Protector of the Far Realms: And other Stories“” is an anthology book consisting of three stories (all are introductions into Jonathan Syphax’s Futurescope projects).This book has some teeth on it and is intended for a mature audience. Only one gentleman can deliver a book of this magnitude and content: one Mr. Jonathan Syphax.  

As for the material itself, let’s get to it!

First up: Celestine: Protector of the realms: This short eight-page story spotlighting our female Heroine, “Celestine.” Celestine is the direct descendant of one of the original three Council members (from the Zion 3 storyline), whom all consisted of women. The daughter of Verus, Celestine is bred to be the top lieutenant and primary assassin in “The Council’s army.” And she will pave her way in blood! High action and sharp character development, this heroine is guaranteed to be a fan favorite!




Creator/Writer: Jonathan Syphax

Co-Writer/Editor: Jorge Medina

Penciler(s): Anibal Arroyo

Concept/Cover Artist:  Anibal Arroyo

$ 10.99