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FUTURE UPDATES is a section where we give you, the fan(or casual web browser, welcome), any and all exciting updates that plug you into FUTURESCOPE COMICS. This includes everything from New, Upcoming titles, interviews with  exciting Comic writers(and/or)artists working,inkers, colorist, etc..that are working on the FutureScope titles, behind the scenes development notes, plot updates, even comic book and graphic novel reviews. You can even see, early, exclusive Press-info for not just all ready published FUTURESCOPE TITLES, but New titles as well(some of the art to be deduted here first!) And there is much more! So for all things hot and exciting in FUTURESCOPE, this is your place!

For further information about various updates please click image below to connect to MORE EXCITING Blogs! 

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


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